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What R Value or U Value Should You Look For in a Garage Door_

Maybe you have been looking for a new door and heard the terms R-value and U-value, but weren’t sure what they stand for. If that is the case, the team here at Quick Fix Garage Doors can help you decide what value you need for your garage door. Our technicians are very knowledgeable about brands, models, and all of their features.

Here is what you need to know about R-Value and U-Value.
What Does R-Value Stand For?
The R-value determines how insulated a material is and it’s resistance to heat flow. When a product has a higher R-value, that means it has the ability to insulate your home better. If you are looking for a door that was given this type of rating, go with a higher number.
What is The U-Value?
A U-value is another rating system for garage doors. However, it has a different numbering scale than the R-value. For the U-value, you want to go with a lower number. The lower the number, the better the insulation.
What is The Difference In R-Value and U-Value
While both of these systems measure how insulated a material is, they are different. Here are the differences:

● R-value- this process measures one material on your garage door to determine how insulated it is.
● U-value- this process measures all components of the garage door to determine how insulated the product as a whole is.

Ultimately, the U-value gives a better indicator of how insulated your equipment is. Some materials add to the insulation and other materials subtract from it. This measuring system takes every part of the assembly into consideration when determining the value.
What R-Value or U-Value Should You Buy?
Not all doors will give you both of these values. Here is a quick guide to help you decide which value to choose on both grading systems.

Best R-values For Garage Doors
● Attached garage- R-10
● Not attached- below R-10
● Heated garages- R-12
● Only used for parking the car- R-10
● Used as a work area- R-16

Best U-values for Garage Doors
● Attached garage- U-2
● Not attached- below U-2
● Heated garages- U-1.4
● Only used for parking the car- U-2
● Used as a work area- R-1

Call Us Today For Help
If you are not sure which door is right for your home, call Quick Fix Garage Doors today. Our team of professionals can answer your questions and help you pick the right model for your needs. We can give you a good idea of which value you need for the most insulated door.

Call us now so that we can guide you through buying your new equipment. Once it is delivered to your house, one of our technicians will come and make the installation.

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