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Common Garage Door Problems

Even if you take great care of your garage door, it will need a repair at some time or another. Daily use can cause the parts to wear out and your equipment to fail. The team here at Quick Fix Garage Doors work on our customers’ doors every day.

These are some of the common problems we fix on a regular basis:

Both The Wall Button and Remote Won’t Work

Generally, if the button on the wall or the remote won’t work the door, it is usually on account of something to do with the device. However, if both of these won’t work when you push them, you need to look at the power source.

Here are some things to check:

  1. Is it plugged in? Even though the plug is on the ceiling, it can get knocked out if something hits it. You should be able to see whether or not it is plugged in from the ground.
  2. Did you trip a breaker? The next thing to check is the breaker box. You may have tripped a breaker that is connected to the outlet your opener is plugged into. If you have a GFCI plug in your house, go ahead and reset it just to be sure.
  3. Is the motor burned out? The opener itself could be the problem. If the motor burns out, it will need to be replaced.

There is a Gap When The Door Closes

When you look at the bottom of your garage door and see a gap, there are a few things you will need to check:

  1. Is the limit switch set properly? The limit switch controls how far down the door closes or how far it opens. There is a screw on the opener that will allow you to adjust how far the door travels.
  2. Are the safety eye sensors working? At the bottom of either side of your door, you will see two sensors. These sensors keep your door from closing all the way if there is something in between them. Sometimes the sensor can get knocked out of the way or become too dirty to communicate.

The Door Goes Back Up As Soon as it Touches the Ground

If you close your door and it immediately opens back up when it touches the ground, you will likely need to adjust the close-limit switch. This mechanism tells the door when to stop. You will need to locate the screw on the opener and adjust it a little at a time to set it properly.

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