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New Garage Doors

Are you wanting to update your home’s curb appeal?

A new garage door is an easy way to quickly enhance your home’s look. The team here at Quick Fix Garage Door is happy to help you out in the Houston, Texas area.

We Partner with Top-Notch Companies for New Doors

We have chosen to work with a few different quality brands to be able to bring you a large selection of new doors. The brands we work with have proven themselves in the garage door industry and have a reputation for their long-lasting doors. Most of our doors also come with a lifetime warranty.

How to Pick Out a New Garage Door

When you’re picking out a new door you might feel overwhelmed with the many options out there. We’ve put together some information to help you out so that you know where to start when going through all of the options.

Pick a Style that Goes with Your Home

The first thing you want to figure out is the style you are going for. You want to pick something that fits your taste while also fitting the style of your home. Here are the 3 main styles of garage doors:

  • Traditional: These are the most common choice for residential home builders as they are durable, cost-effective, and go with the architecture of any home. They are made of steel and come in either short or long raised panels
  • Carriage House: These are a modern take on the class carriage house doors from the late 19th century. They come in a variety of materials and even have different hardware options to give them that center swing appearance
  • Contemporary: These are typically made from aluminum and glass and give your home a modern look

What Material Do You Want?

Next, you’ll want to see which material will work best for you. Steel is the most common material as it’s cost effective and durable. Vinyl is a good choice for families as it’s nearly dent proof. Fiberglass is a good choice for homes along the coast as it’s resistant to the salty, humid sea air.

Wood adds a warm, luxurious touch to your home and doors can even be custom designed by you. Aluminum is lightweight and is commonly found in all the modern and contemporary doors.


Call Now to Order Your New Door

Quick Fix Garage Door would love to chat with you if you need help picking out a door. We can order your door and then professionally install it once it arrives. For help getting a new garage door in the Houston, Texas area give our team a call today!

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